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    Beautifully presented foods always looks truly spectacular...

  • Fabulous dishes

    Beautifully presented foods always looks truly spectacular...

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Paleo Grubs

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Pickled Vegetables Salads

Serves 4
Preparation time 20 mins plus cooling
Cooking time 20 mins

8 small shallots
1 small cauliflower
1 red pepper

1 litre ( 1 ¾ pints ) water
150 ml ( ¼ pint ) white wine vinegar
150 g ( 5 oz ) green beans
150 g ( 5 oz ) sugar snap peas
75 g (3 oz ) watercress
olive oil
salt and pepper

Trim the shallots and break the cauliflower into small florets. Core and dessed the pepper and cut the flesh into 2 cm ( ¾ inch ) squares. put the water and vinegar into a heavy-based saucepan, bring to the boil and add the cauliflower, pepper and shallots. return the liquid to the boil and boil for 2 mins. take the saucepan off the heat and leave the vegetables to cool in the liquid. trim the beans and sugar snap peas and blanch in lightly salted boiling water. refresh them in cold water and drain. when the picking liquid is cool, strain the vegetables and mix them with the beans, pease and watercress in a large salads bowl. dress with olive oil, season to taste with salt and pepper and serve.

Cod with Roasted Tomato Toast

Serves 4
Preparation time 15mins
Cooking time 1 ¼ hours

4 ripe tomato
thyme sprigs
2 tbsp olive oil
4 cod fillet 200g each
4 slices of ciabatta
1 garlic clove
salt & pepper

handful of basil
4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp grated parmesan cheesse

Place the tomato on a baking sheet, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with the thyme sprigs and drizzlewith 1 tbsp of oil. Roast in a preheated oven, 160ºC / 325ºF, gas mark 3, for 1 hour until soft, then turn the oven up to 180 ºC / 350 ºF, gas mark 4 season the cod and roast along with the fish is cooked and the tomatoes have softened. Brush both sides of the bread with the remaining oil. preheat a griddle pan and griddle the bread until golden brown on both sides. then rub both sides with the garlic clove. place the ingredients for the dressing in a small food processor and blend until smooth. You can also do this using a hand blender. top the toast with the tomatoes and then serve with the cod. drizzled a little of the dressing over the top and garnish with some parmesan shavings.

Lemon and Ginger Scallops

Serves 3-4
Preparation time 10 mins.
Cooking time 10 mins.

2 pieces of steam ginger in syrup, chopped
2 tablespoons Rice wine or dry sherry
3 tablespoons lemon juice

Heat a wok until. Add the butter and 1 tbsp of oil and heat over a gentle heat until foaming. Add the sliced scallops and stir-fry for 3 minutes. Remove the wok from the heat. using a slotted spoon, transfer the scallops to a plate and set aside. return the wok to a medium heat, add the remaining oil and heat until hot. Add the spring onions and turmeric and stir-fry for a few seconds. Add the lemon juice and rice wine or sherry and bring to the boil, then stir the steam ginger. return the scallops and their juices to the wok and toss until heated though. season to taste with salt and pepper and serve immmediately.

Baked Chicken Recipe

We intake food for living and it is simply an act to stuff elements into the stomach so that we can survive. But, this is not total truth. Foods are the greatest delights for your tongue and satisfaction for your stomach which proves to be the best part of human civilization. Food is necessary for physical body, its thoughts and also for inner soul which evokes divinity. You can fascinate your family with the best recipes of baked chicken. The recipes and ways are very easy that you can never think of. But, you will have no complained against the taste if you are in the right direction. Dinner of baked chicken is favorite weekend food that can add uniqueness and beauty in your dinner table. Tenderness and juiciness of perfectly baked and cooked chicken is the goals that cook strive for estimations.
Amount of chicken depends upon the requirements. You can choose amounts of ingredients per your choice. You need fewer amounts of ingredients if you are serving fewer plates. But if you are serving lot of plates, then you require less amounts of ingredients accordingly. Here, we are choosing total yields of, cook time and total preparation time as follows:

  1. Total yield: 4 serves
  2. Preparation time: 15mins
  3. Cooking time: 15mins

Foods are the combination of ingredients mixed with proper proportions. Best baked chicken can never be made without the help of necessary ingredients. They can be further listed as:

  1. You need three to four part of chicken which is cut into total eight parts such as two thighs, two breasts, two wings and two thighs which excludes back portion.
  2. Fresh olive oil
  3. Black pepper which is freshly ground
  4. Kosher salt
  5. You need one to two cups of sodium stock of chicken
  6. White wine can be the best option if you are intending to make gravy which comes under an optional choice.

Methods for cooking

  • First of all, you need to cut chicken pieces or simply trim the area which has excessive fats. Then, you should pat them dry using paper towel. Then, put salt all over the area and leave it for around for fifteen to twenty minutes for chilling off.
  • Then, preheat oven for around 205 degree Celsius. Olive oil should be rubbed all over with addition of salt and black pepper. You should then arrange all chicken pieces randomly in the pan in order to slide them up. Some space should be allowed between the pieces
  • Then, the third step is about real baking inside the oven for thirty minutes. Initially, it should be heated till it grows brow. Then, heat should be lowered finally. In case, your chicken is not getting brown, then you have to keep it under broiler in last five minutes.
  • The, you are supposed to take the chickens out from the oven and place it inside serving dish. Before you start to serve, wrap it or tent it using aluminum foil and leave it for around five to ten minutes.
  • But if you are intending to prepare gravy, you have to put the pan using drippings on stove and medium heat should be given to burner. You have to carefully scrape up those stocked drippings which are stocked at the bottom. As soon as pa gets hot, you should pour chicken stock or white wine so that it will help to loosen drippings.
  • Then, finally transfer them to saucepan; heat it up on mild high till chicken gets reduced to required thickness. At All Recipes Online, here are our best and most popular baked chicken recipes, The Simplest Way to Produce an Easy Supper! All Recipes Online is the #1 place for all recipes. Browse easy recipes and healthy breakfast ideas. All Recipes Online is here to provide complete recipes you need!

Chocolate Cupcake

We will rarely find someone who does not like cupcakes. These are those small cakes designed to serve one person and tastes so good. These are also called fairy cakes and can be used with large cakes for decoration along with candies and icing. These are usually served for desserts.

Cupcakes Recipes If we look for the cupcake recipes then there are hundreds of cupcake recipes in the world. We can find various cupcakes such as vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, lemonade cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes etc. These various types of cupcakes have different recipes. But if we look at the recipe for a standard cupcake then the basic ingredients used are butter, sugar eggs and flour. For other different flavored cupcakes other ingredients like nuts, berries, chocolate chips may be added to the basic ingredients mentioned above. Cupcakes are very quick to make and serve as it bakes faster than other normal cakes. One of the best thing about cupcakes are cupcake designing. You can design your cupcake the way you want and make it your own that defines you. For decoration of cupcakes you can use fruit, creams or frosting or anything you like that you think will make it look and taste good. Chocolate cupcake recipe This recipe is for simple chocolate cupcake. Anyone can make this chocolate cupcake even the super beginners. This recipe is also suitable when you are in hurry and want to make cupcake super-fast.

Chocolate cupcake recipe. This recipe is for simple chocolate cupcake.
Anyone can make this chocolate cupcake even the super beginners.
This recipe is also suitable when you are in hurry and want to make cupcake super-fast.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Serving size: 18

Ingredients required:

  1. 100g butter
  2. 2. 2/3 cup caster sugar
  3. 2 eggs (lightly beaten)
  4. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  5. 1 cup approx. 150g self-rising flour
  6. 1/2 cup approx. 125 ml milk
  7. 1/3 cup coca Ingredients for chocolate buttercream frost: 1. ¼ cup approx. 60g unsalted butte 2. 1 tablespoon cocoa 3. 1 tablespoon milk 4. 1 ¼ cups approx. 195g icing sugar.

Procedure First preheat the oven up to 200?C. Take a large bowl and put all ingredients in it, melted butter at last. Mix all those ingredients in electric mixture until it is well mixed. 3 minutes of mixing will be sufficient. Then fill the patty pan cases with the mixer and carefully place it into the oven. 10 to 12 minutes of baking should do the work. To be sure if they are cooked,lightly touch the surface of it and if it springs back then it is cooked else cook for few minutes.